G+ Business consumer's disconnection a Plus or Not a Plus for consummers' and business.

G+ is disappearing from Social Media and it is dissolving/limiting communication between consumers connection and business.

Connect with US Today!

With today's news that G+ is closing down for consumers it will be a bit uncomfortable for business to communicate with the right followers' list of our/the audience at the G+ marketplace. See into the G+ News today.
Targeting the right consumers interested in our type of business like G Suite for Business and products like  REIT it is what we offer today at one of our extended business.
It will be a new learning challenge to connect the consumers with what they really want and need for their business. We use G+ to continue daily communication via post, comments, opinions, and ideas with our Business to Business point connection and communications.

There will be different ways to Video educate, Geo-target our clients, and generate new consumers of our products. It is just what tools to use.

Here are some of the top social media product to implement your #social media marketing in Today's Social business strategy for your business...http://bit.ly/2A21y5W

Never the less, tools to manage your business for the start to end at your fingertips "MOBILE" Apps for Business" and inexpensive for new Business users. If you need a FREE test...

G Suite is offering a Free 14 Days trial. Sign up using the link and message me directly to get a discount on your first year for Cloud G Suite products. http://goo.gl/lwmr5E
 It is just accommodating your business with the changes in technologies.


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Thank you for the patronage of our content,  Video or blog/post and for the interest in our business.

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