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 Do you want to learn the real estate rental business quickly and in simple words? Do you want to invest your savings without too much risk? Do you want to learn a profession that gives you passive income? This book is going to help you realize what you have to do to break into the real estate industry before the market changes. The real estate market is a tricky thing, and it can be very fickle. This book is going to be your go to guide for understanding how this market works and how you can use it to your advantage. This book is going to teach you why investing in the bond market isn't as beneficial as investing rental properties is a better option for you instead. Investing your time and money into rentals is much better for you and we help you understand exactly why. By learning the tips in this book you'll be able to save money for your retirement and make sure that you won't be someone working 16-hour days when you should be able to rest and enjoy yourself. You will learn: - the best strategies of the real estate rental business- how to find the money- the 3 most used programs to map the Real Estate Search Area- the 7 factors you need to know, to choose the right property to rent- the 5 key people who must be part of your work team- the techniques to manage more properties and multiply profits- the three main features you need to develop to become a serial investor Even if you are a beginner, with no money, this book will give you the tools to start this business.


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