The Intelligent REIT Investors Guide



 Demystify real estate investment trusts with this masterful guide from an industry expert. In The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide, author Brad Thomas walks you through both basic and advanced topics in the profitable, sustainable world of real estate investment trusts. From historical industry performance to the equations needed to calculate key metrics in REIT stocks, this book covers the history, vocabulary, principles, and analysis you'll need to invest wisely in this growing asset class. Find out how you can strengthen your investment decisions and conclusions with publicly traded REITs in the short- and long-terms alike. With this book you'll: Understand exactly what REITs are, how they work, and why they've achieved such impressive historical returns Discover how REITS have performed over the decades up against other asset classes Compare and contrast the various subsectors - such as residential, retail, office, healthcare, self-storage, lodging, technology, and more - to understand which ones can work better in your personal portfolio. Perfect for personal and professional investors alike, The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide is an invaluable guide to a crucial asset class that is often overlooked or poorly understood despite its undeniable impact on portfolios over the past 60 years.


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